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About Us

Focused on bringing the best solutions to our customers.

The firm was founded in 1998, and its founder already has more than 20 years of consolidated experience in the various areas of law.

As a result of the performance of its founder in investing in a highly personalized service, oriented to the client and his needs, José Saramago & Associados represents a competitive advantage, with quality and security, promoting the excellence of the services it proposes.

To value those who seek us out, assuming a commitment to excellence.
The quality, integrity, and responsibility with which we assume the proposed challenges guide the efficiency of our services.
Ethics, rigor, and competence complement this involvement, with professionalism and dedication.

Areas of Activity

With teams of professionals able to respond and act in the various areas of law, we particularly highlight the areas that are based on legal advice, working and acting as “Personal Legal Advisors” to clients who come to us, whether multinationals, SMEs, large companies, sole proprietorship companies and/or sole proprietorship entrepreneurs.

The organization of teams by standard meets several criteria and among them we must highlight the areas of activity, namely:

  • Labor and Social Security
  • Fiscal and Commercial
  • Contractual (National and International)
  • Foreigners
  • Industrial Property
  • Tourism and Real State
  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Credit Recovery (National and International)
  • Insolvencies
  • Distressed Assets
  • NPL’S Portfolios


Prioritizing continuous training and the specialization necessary to satisfy our clients, our team includes professionals capable of acting and honoring our commitments, with strict respect for the Deontological norms and traditional values of the practice of law.

A competitive team, based on truth and respect, to operate in an increasingly globalized market.

International Associations

In the scope of its activity abroad and the need to provide advisory services at an international level, José Saramago is currently a member of FIDELITY LEX (www.fidelitylex.com).


The current diversity of legal norms requires specialization. And the world economic situation makes it advisable to implant it in the most important cities in the country and, eventually, abroad.

Unlike other multinational or larger organizations, which have both subject matter expertise and a wide geographic presence within their scope, FIDELITY LEX relies on another solution.

Freedom to act

From medium-sized offices of proven seriousness and solid path, which maintain their independence and freedom of action, they share their collaboration and experience with the objective of offering legal and economic services in the main cities of the Spanish territory.


The professional offices that are part of FIDELITY LEX maintain fluid professional and personal relationships and meet demanding criteria for efficiency and professionalism.

FIDELITY LEX looks to the future and to a globalized world, an attitude that symbolizes its Anglo-Saxon expression, without forgetting tradition, serenity, and cordiality with the client, which summarizes the undeniable Latin tradition.

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