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in compliance with tax obligations

12th of March, 2020

Postponement of the 1st PEC

Postponement of the 1st Special Payment on Account (PEC) from 31 March to 30 July.

Extension of delivery of Model 22

Extension of the delivery of Model 22 (IRC Declaration + Payment/settlement) to 31 July.

Extension of the 1st Payment on Account and 1st Additional Payment on Account

Extension of the first Payment on Account and the first Additional Payment on Account from 31 July to 31 August.

Information Reinforcement

Reinforcement of information on electronic services that can be used by taxpayers as an alternative to going in person to the finance services.

Postponement of the deadline for account approvals

General meetings of commercial companies, associations or cooperatives that must take place by legal or statutory imposition can be held until 30 June 2020.

Flexibility in payments of taxes and social contributions (updated)

Contributions to social security

Social security contributions reduced to 1/3 in the 2nd quarter of 2020, with the remaining 2/3 being paid as of the 3rd quarter (benefit plan may be agreed).

  • Applicable to companies with up to 50 employees and companies with up to 250 jobs, which show a reduction in turnover of at least 20%.)

Payment of VAT and IRC and IRS Withholdings

Payment of VAT and IRC and IRS Withholdings may be paid in installments, up to a limit of 6 months (with the application of late payment interest only in the last 3 months).

  • Applicable to self-employed and companies with a turnover of up to 10 million euros in 2018 or with activity starting from January 2019 and other companies provided that they register a decrease in turnover of at least 20% in the average of the 3 months prior to the month in which it exists the obligation (compared to the homologous period).

Suspension of processes

Suspension for 3 months, the execution processes in the tax and contributory area, which are in progress.

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